Criticism Does Not Kill

I  always want to create something that speaks to the heart of the reader. Writing is a process of discovery. Sometimes you don’t know what you know. You may know it but have no idea how it fits together. What is the shape off this are trying to be born? If you set out to do your best to tell a story about a life experience and stay the course, it will develop and, you hope become something useful. I tell new writers to write from the heart. Never be afraid of what you’re thinking or feeling. Go right to the deepest source of it. Take it from me criticism does not kill.

Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your likes and passing the real life wisdom on to others as I embark on this new venture of “positively purging“, as I know each of these pieces represents something…

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11 Responses to Criticism Does Not Kill

  1. True words of inspiration and pointers to writers and why take criticism it does not kill us

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  2. True – if you feel something, others are bound to.

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  3. Paola says:

    We should write for ourself, first of all

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  4. @vapor_sage says:

    I have experienced the learning of what I know through the expression of my experience. I would have never known, had I not tried. I appreciate your perspective and ability to convey it. Criticism elucidates more about the critic than myself but is useful for me to grasp how I am perceived, which is less important to me than how I am here and now or when I chose to write in that moment.

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  5. I agree that if you write from the heart you won’t go wrong.

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