It’s been a rough year.

The pandemic. Police violence. Racial justice protests. Economic devastation. Wildfires. A turbulent election. The pandemic.

More than a quarter-million Americans have died of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. People have lost jobs and businesses, skipped trips and weddings, missed seeing their families.

It’s been rough.

But life has gone on. Good things have happened. Amid 2020, there has been joy.

Did you get married? Get a new job? Have a baby? Graduate? Become a grandparent? Reconnect with a friend? Plant a garden? Something else?

What moments or events, big or small, public or personal, brought you joy in 2020?

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8 Responses to 2020

  1. jeffw5382 says:

    I discovered supernatural Joy. A way of living with an attitude without contingencies. I cannot claim any credit other than using prayer, meditation, reading, and being attentive while outside. Amazing Grace!

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    • msw blog says:

      How wonderful to discover supernatural joy during a time of unknowns, and uncertainty. Mindfulness is one of the best tools to stay calm, balanced and sharpen amid pandemic uncertainty. May you continue to cultivate mindfulness in 2021.

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  2. It wasn’t a year for joy, but generally for contentment that we are at the stage of life where the Covid restrictions don’t effect us too much

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  3. I’m Diego’s grandmother since last July 2020. So happy, so lucky, so excited. Thank you 2020 for this wonderful present

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