Should I prune a damaged rosemary plant ?

My potted rosemary plant sustained cold weather damage this winter. It’s about 2 feet tall. The leaves are damaged and not really looking usable. The new growth on top looks healthy. Should I cut the bush back to encourage new healthy growth?

I would advise leaving your plant alone and seeing how it looks in a couple of months. Rosemary does not take kindly to pruning and will not regrow from a pruned branch as other plants do.

Since there is new growth on top of the plant, see how it looks later in the season. Cut any dead branches off, and prune to shape it. But know the areas you cut back generally will not regrow.

Additionally, be sure it is in a large enough container and does not get root-bound. Rosemary plants will not survive if root-bound.— Betty Goergen, Oregon State University Extension master gardener

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4 Responses to Should I prune a damaged rosemary plant ?

  1. Prior... says:

    Thanks for this info – I don’t grow rosemary anymore because we never used it when I did – and lost our in-ground plant after a polar vortex ❄️
    but now that we have gone back to eating a lot more red meat (and loving it as well as the health benefits) I might grow it again because I know rosemary goes so well with certain meats /
    Anyhow – good advice here – thx

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  2. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Great information. I’ve been trying to grow these, but somehow they never survived. Now I know why! Thank You 🙂


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