Should mentally ill people and criminals be sterilized?

Real Life of an MSW

For 25 years I have been best friends with a woman I’ll call “Tracy.” Tracy is 35 years old, and she has Down Syndrome. Tracy is high-functioning, as is her longtime boyfriend, “Tyler.”

Amy, they have been together for five years. They have lived together for the past three years, and recently announced their engagement. Everyone on both sides of their families is happy for them — at least we all thought so.

Since Tracy made the announcement a few months ago, their families and I have been getting questions and comments about it that are so rude, stupid and downright ignorant, it’s not even funny. A brief example:

“It’s nice you’re letting them play pretend like that.”

“Is it going to be legal? I mean, since they’re like, not right in the head?”

“You had them fixed right? Otherwise you’ll be stuck raising another one.”

“Why are you letting…

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