Female Pay

Something wasn’t adding up. My work was really good, but no one was paying me. -Amanda De Cadenet

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Father, today we pray for those facing desperate and lonely times. We pray especially for poor and defenseless children everywhere. Help us meet their needs as we are able.

Prayer - N E W L I F E
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Let it happen…

So…not to struggle, to try to make something happen. Let it happen. Let your mind rest in the phrases, and let the phrases be meaningful to you. It will happen

Never Force Anything Do Your Best Then Let It Be if It's Meant to Be It  Will Be Don't Hold Yourself Down With Things You Can't Control | Meme on  ME.ME
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Systemic Problem

I see conservative friends of mine take issue with generalizations being leveled against all police, and they speak about what they see as the erosion of individual responsibility. It’s difficult for them to recognize that this is truly a systemic problem. But it’s important to remember that over the past 50-some years, police have been increasingly addressing issues that rightly belong to social workers, mental health workers, and healthcare workers. Police are failing (terribly) because we’re asking them to do the impossible. This is the logic behind the movement to defund the police, which is really about cutting back their responsibilities and investing that money in entities better equipped to meet community needs. I realize it might seem that I’m talking now about the police—and your question was really about race—but the whole issue is that the Black experience is so intimately and absurdly connected with policing. -Alexander Landfair, 35, Brooklyn

hard white truths

Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your likes and passing the real life wisdom on to others as I embark on this new venture of “positively purging“, as I know each of these pieces represents something…

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Emotional Resilience

Soon after starting his practice in in 2010, Mastin Kipp, creator of Functional Life Coaching, noticed a pattern of behavior in his clients. “they would set goals- try a meal plan, quit their job- but not follow through,” he says. After years of asking why, I realized that everyone’s been through something that have them “proof” that they shouldn’t or couldn’t move forward. “Turning to neuroscience, Kipp came up with a clear answer : “Not achieving goals wasn’t just due to a self-limiting belief – it was due to trauma.”

Kipps research pointed to the fact that trauma embeds itself in the body, affecting not only our emotions but also our brain’s ability to function. “Heightened stress can cause the nervous system to go into fight or- flight response, “He says, “Which hijacks resources from the neural frontal lobe, where executive function skills like decision -making and memory love. Meaning that trauma isn’t just a matter of clinging to bad experiences but being impaired by them- sometimes permanently. “This isn’t solely about what happened to you,” says Kipp.  “It’s about what happened inside you because of what you’ve been through.”

Gentle Steps Foundation - Emotional Resilience
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