Women’s Problems

Luann Comic Strip for September 23, 2018

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Betty Comic Strip for January 02, 2019

Comical Explanation

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Brian Teaser: What’s Missing?

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Conquer Your Fears

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Fear is really just a feeling:

  • Analyze the Fear:Take it apart and examine it closely. A good way to do that is through journaling- writing down what your afraid of and why, then exploring where that worry might have started.
  • Stay in the Moment:  One thing that proved to be effective in overcoming fear is mindfulness- staying in the moment and not projecting into the future. Stop and take non-judgmental look at what’s actually going on. Don’t worry about might happen. Focus on what is happening and do what you can do in the moment.
  • Maintain Healthy Habits:  When we internalize fear, we may overeat or use substances to cope with it. Self-medicating may alleviate your sense of dread temporarily, but it sets you up for other problems later. Instead turn to activities and practices that make you mentally and physically stronger. When you do this you will become stronger than your fears.

Martha Beck

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The Fits: Movie Review


I was compelled to watch “The Fits” after I found a well written review in my purging basket from Elle Magazine. The review read “Shortly after Toni joins a step-dancing drill team at a rec center in Cincinnati’s gritty west end, her teammates start having convulsion episodes. Are these due to tainted water? A psychosomatic group delusion? The wary Toni finds herself both repelled by and drawn into the mysterious going on.”

Warning– if that just read like a horror film, this film is not one- at least in the typical sense. This film is slooooow going, and I almost turned it off more than once (despite it only being 71 minutes). I also felt many different types of emotions watching it. I felt confused, intrigued, shocked, and cheated. The main character, Toni, played by Royalty Hightower; is beyond brilliant throughout the movie with her many different facial expressions, actions, and sometimes lack of actions. When I finished watching the movie, I was left incredibly confused and thinking “What the hell just happened?” I was also asking the question “Would the outcome be different if these were not low income African American females?”. I would not watch this film again. It’s just way too slow and leaves you with too many unanswered questions. Sadly, I still encourage you to watch it (I found it on Amazon), because I want to see how you would react and feel, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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