Newbie’s Time Off

I am graduating college and will soon be starting my first job. My family has an annual beach vacation and reunion, and this year it is scheduled about five weeks after my job’s start date. I am debating whether it is appropriate to ask for three or four days off so soon, especially because I am aiming for a small promotion at the four-month mark.

My manager has mentioned that this company does not have specified limits for time off (number of days or seniority), so I do not think that there is any company protocol that would prevent me from taking the time. I do not want to make a bad impression, but I would really like to be able to see my extended family. Would you suggest sending an email to my manager as soon as possible, waiting until a few weeks after I start, or just accepting that fact that I will not be going to the beach this year? – S.B.



My sentiments are the same as Rob Walker, “He or she may wonder why, if this is so important, it didn’t come up in the interview process?” I have found most Human Resource Departments and managers are understanding. In other words, yes, individuals may be seeking new employment, but they often have a life that involves plans. Let your new boss know this up front- they are often able to accommodate requests if they know what to expect. I believe to accept a job and then ask for such a request reflects on one’s character. How would you have handled this situation?



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6 Responses to Newbie’s Time Off

  1. B. says:

    Tricky situation…. and hard to give up the sea…. hmmm

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  2. juliehcares says:

    I say ask but give yourself an extra couple months for the promotion

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