Reflections From The Garden

“Variety may be the spice of life, but it can make your garden feel down right chaotic – Valerie Easton.


My first thought reading that quote was Easton has clearly never seen Derrick’s garden, as he and Ms. Jackie have somehow pulled off beautiful madness (I do enjoy the virtual tours). It also reminded me I haven’t sat down and blogged about my yard this year. I did post on Instagram- sometime we need to discover the world through each others eyes.

I did, however, find myself in my backyard with my feet planted deep in the grass that we’re letting go to the weeds. The place where the dreaded fountain used to reside was transformed into beautiful flower garden. I also planted basil, tomatoes, thyme, rosemary, and my free plants I received from the Herb’n Farm NW (warning, every recipe I cook may include Scott Bonnet Red Peppers).


Through some joint back breaking work, my spouse and I uncovered our yard’s beautiful lines; which inspired us to install some gorgeous solar lights along the path. The makeover led to beautiful evenings of drinking cocktails after dark; and beautiful conversations about everything and nothing. We laid red beauty bark to make our trees stand out.


The land where the Hostas used to reside turned into a new home for gladiolas and oversized sunflowers.

Processed with MOLDIV

The Hostas did not survive the new location. Well, one was a fighter; but the others were attacked by weeds, leaving me to figure out what to do next year.

Processed with MOLDIV

I am open to ideas. My spouse wants to cover the space with blue rocks. That goal was not achieved this year as summer adventure called (I was jet setting with Abby and taking snack filled road trips with my spouse). Not to mention ordering rocks is just not ordering rocks. It is logistical beautiful blessed nightmare of getting rid of the old grass (no, it will not fit in the yard waste bin). We must make sure the land is leveled, have a solid plan of getting the rocks into the backyard (I can’t imagine shoveling and wheel barrowing one load at a time) and factor in man power and the labor for that. What are your landscape dreams come spring, and how was your summer garden?

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12 Responses to Reflections From The Garden

  1. @vapor_sage says:

    I have no garden at the moment but I do know that Hastas love shade and weeds mostly do not. Rocks are a nice touch but make sure you use fabric to inhibit the growth of natural/native species it’s a drag to deal with them growing out of those beds. I’m lucky to have compost sites nearby to take my yard waste I know many do not

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  2. Lovely display, msw. Many thanks for the mention and especially “beautiful madness” which we loved.

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  3. prior.. says:

    thanks for allowing us to share in the garden relfections…
    so nice

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  4. jml297 says:

    Wonderful to see your garden throughout the year, and to take the time to acknowledge the many joys that a garden brings. There are things that don’t quite make it, but that is notched up to experience to tried again in another location. I’ve just had an hour in my garden on a summer evening and I’m constantly amazed at how much gets done without me doing a thing – yellow daisies in bloom, apples and figs tempting the parrots flying overhead, deep blue hydrangeas flowering on the fence line. I’m off to pick spinach and herbs to go with dinner and wanted to thank you for sharing your garden with me!

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    • msw blog says:

      I am to always amazed with how much gets done without me doing anything. It is also true that the things that don’t make it teaches us to to start over again. May you enjoy your garden all season long 🌱😊

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