Phone Check

Paul Tong / Op Art (Paul Tong)

Erin Lisser had me with the title “I Make Students Check Their Phones at The Door.”  and Donna St. George “Cellphones in school : When to start “. I agree technology has a place, but it is not allowed in my therapeutic groups or private practice. I don’t want my clients worrying about privacy issues. I also firmly believe therapy is the time for an individual to unplug and focus on the reasons why they are seeking treatment.

I am not sure it needs to be in the everyday high school or middle school classrooms. However, as a college professor my students can bring their phones to lectures. My goal is to cultivate in them the command to recognize the power of their smartphones in aiding in their learning. We have discussed apps that will allow them to record up to 60 minutes of lectures. We have utilized the electronic DSM-V. We are all quickly able to pull up articles for discussion, and have learned to bookmark things that are important so we could delve into them later when we have more time. This to me is maximizing the assets of the smart phone. However, it is also my position to teach them to access the supercomputer of their brains and five senses. These are the tools that allow them to really see an idea, hear another’s point of view, and to navigate the many gray areas of social work (not just memorize a treatment plan or diagnosis)

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