Staffing Smarter

What You Need to Know When Working With a Staffing Agency ...
What actually makes a good employee? That means no more “Why should we hire you?” or “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Instead, get a little more personal. You already know the hole you want a candidate to fill in your company. To gain insight, ask how you will fill a void in their life. Did they previsely have a bad manager or hit a growth ceiling at their last job? Can this be addressed in your company? Invested employees will want to know what success will look like in their position, what you want them to add to the business.
You also want to assess key qualities like the ability to respond to criticism, speed of work communication style. For these, I recommend creating a test prior to the interview process -something that requires the candidate to share their opinions of expertise- and request a quick turnaround. Does the applicant ask for more time or miss a deadline? Those are red flags. Then during the interview, criticize or disagree with some of their answers and see how they react. This will be an important test of how you’ll be able to work together, as conflict and disagreement are inevitable in any workplace.
The best employees aren’t just looking for more pays. They are looking for a sense of belonging and purpose. When they find that, it makes them happy. And when they’re happy, they tend to stick around.

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