Making Backyard Dreams a Reality


Backyard Updates Opening the gate to my backyard and walking down the  walkway, my friend paused, did a 360, and said, “Wow how did I miss this update on Real Life of an MSW?” I informed her she didn’t completely miss it as I had only penned a post about the meadows. She walked around as if she was in a secret garden and smiled and said girl you must tell the people this is a stunning oasis. So, now I sit here in my chaise and try to bring you up to speed.

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The new fence. Long beautiful blessed nightmare. It’s stunning craftmanship starts a half off foot off the ground to prevent dry rot and is much higher than the old fence -providing ample privacy. My question had always been: who pays for the shared fence? A few years ago, we asked those neighbors if we purchased the material, would they install it? The guy informed us he did not work for free, despite it being a shared fence, their owning two dogs, and his being a contractor. Well, this year the fence literally fell over from a bad winter storm. We footed the bill to replace it, and it is stunning. Though after it was installed, the contractor asked if we liked the color. Obviously we did or we would have said something beforehand. This is when he stated, “You need to apply stain to keep it.” I was flabbergasted and asked him why he didn’t tell us this beforehand. He said he hadn’t thought about it… beautiful blessed nightmare.

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The Rock Garden. While the fence was down, we thought if we are going to ever do this rock garden it is now or never. We hired a landscaping company and were amazed, as they completed the project in two days with a team of three. The rocks are stunning, and more beautiful than we could imagine.

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The patio. It is still gorgeous and I feel proud to dine on it and show it off; as a lot of labor, sweat, tears, and laughter have gone into the project.

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Trees: The Thuja green giant evergreens are now kissing the sky and provide a hedge of wonderful privacy, and an amazing view from my upstairs.

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We are happy with what we have dreamed up and agree it is more than either of us imagined.

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4 Responses to Making Backyard Dreams a Reality

  1. adguru101 says:

    Beautiful! You did an amazing job.

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  2. I love the color! 💕💕

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