Present Company

More than once, at different people’s homes, I have been served chocolates or wine I gave as host gifts months or even a year before. I know that once given, a gift is no longer under my control. But I feel rejected when this happens, as if my gifts weren’t worth consuming or serving to other guests. Am I oversensitive, or are my hosts being rude? STUART

Chocolate and Wine: A Delicious Duo for Easter - Virgin Wines Blog

I have to echo Philip Galanes “Let’s wheel back to the bigger picture. Host gifts are tokens of thanks for often larger gestures of hospitality, like feeding us dinner or inviting us for the weekend. The circuit is complete when the gift is made and the visit ends.” What I do with my gift is up to me. I have been known to set aside certain bottles of wine or chocolates, as the guest has raved about it, and I have found it thoughtful to share it with them on a one on one. I have also been known to regift with the line “Someone gave me this I thought you would enjoy it more.”

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  1. I once received a bottle of wine with the original giver’s tag in the bottom of the container 🙂

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