5 Benefits of Starting Out At a Community College

Community Colleges make college possible for people for whom a four-year college might not be a possibility because of finances, location or family responsibilities Community colleges provide access for people who would otherwise be left out of the college equation for reasons beyond their control,”

Paying for College? 5 Strategies - Richmond Family Magazine

Tuition at community colleges is typically half the cost of regional public universities, and a fraction of the cost of attending most private colleges and universities and state flagship universities, Community colleges can offer a cost-effective way to get a jump on a bachelor’s degree cautions, “for transfer to work well, students need to pick their major and four-year university as early as possible after entering community college so they can take courses that will count towards graduation after they transfer.”

Location community college students are more mature adults, not necessarily fresh out of high school. “For adult students especially, it is important to be able to go to school somewhere near their homes,”. That flexibility makes attendance easier for those who need to integrate study time into family and work hours.

Education within reach

Didn’t make A’s in high school? Don’t stress. Students who didn’t get great grades in high school sometimes pursue an education much later. Students such as these “often can get straight A’s,” “Their grades in high school often represented other hardships in their life or a lack of direction or motivation. Community college offers these students a chance to reinvent themselves and show the world how smart they really are.”

New career aspirations

Perhaps you’re 35 and burned out on your career. You want to make a change, but don’t want to spend too much en route to a new profession, or know you need a certificate — not another four-year degree.

Community colleges also have fantastic, focused career and certification programs that are wonderful for people making a career change or who graduate high school and know exactly what they want to do. From training firefighters to training nurses, community colleges teach vital crafts and highly advanced technical skills that make the world run.”

Individualized instruction

At four-year state universities, classrooms offering freshman- and sophomore-year courses can be packed elbow to elbow. Two-year institutions rarely exceed 50 students at maximum, so teachers feel more accessible.

Smaller class sizes in community colleges can give learning a more personalized feel and allow students to ask more questions and learn at their own pace. Students can get to know their instructors as not only teachers, but as mentors who can help them stay in school and succeed.

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