Green Clean: Wine Edition

Help! One of our party guest sloshed Shiraz on the sofa

How to Clean Red Wine from Carpet (5 Best Methods to Use)

The Cleanup- When you serve red wine always have white on hand for fast cleanups. It’s a neutralizer for the red stains. Pour white wine into a tablespoon and apply immediately to the spot. Club soda also works. The bubbles push the color to the surface ad the salt prevents staining. NEVER oversaturate the upholstery, which can leave watermarks. And blot – don’t rub – with a clean cloth, then repeat , if necessary. If this method doesn’t do the trick, try a commercial wine remover spray.

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4 Responses to Green Clean: Wine Edition

  1. Sound advice. We once had a 36 foot long pale green carpet linking dining and drawing rooms. On the night of the inaugural meal, a friend knocked a full bottle of opened red wine off the table. Your method worked very well

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  2. Gibberish says:

    Great piece of advice👍🏻☺️

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