Family Contributions

To make chores seem like not such a…well, chore, stop calling them that. Instead, they become “family contributions.” Teach your 2-year-old to collect dirty clothes into a basket. Have your 7-year-old water the plants. Give older kids first picks from a list of family needs. Explain that you’re all on the same team working for household success. Be a cheerleader rather than a drill sergeant. When kids pitch in, families grow closer, and it’s inoculation against entitlement.

8 Benefits of Assigning Chores to Your Kids - PureWow
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6 Responses to Family Contributions

    • msw blog says:

      Thank you! I believe it is a great way to plant the seed of teamwork, for children, and young adults, as they can often see the results of their work, and others on a regular basis.


  1. Perspective is everything.

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  2. Perfect. And please, ask the same to girls and boys

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