I’ve heard honey never spoils. How is this possible?

Ask M_Honey-FTR

Honey has an unusual composition. As you know, it starts with plant nectar before the bees work their magic and the factors that retard spoilage come into play. First, most of the water is evaporated. This low water content dehydrates bacteria. Plus, the resultant honey contains acid, including hydrogen peroxide. The acid also inhibits bacterial growth. And if honey ever crystallizes, you can just set the opened jar in warm water for a few minutes.

One word of caution: Honey must never be fed to babies. Their immune systems are immature, and any botulism spores may be toxic.

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2 Responses to Honey

  1. Can Starbucks please get some more honey? They claims its all on a boat in California but when I was in PA they had plenty. I love their medicine balls with extra honey.


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