Display Your Wine Collection, No Cellar Needed

Why not take a second look at your dining room?

Interior designers are increasingly refreshing dining spaces by replacing antique China cabinets with wine walls. These modern, minimalist, wall-mountable racks make a big impression in a large or small footprint and are a stylish way to display wine collections. Bringing bottles out of the cellar and into view not only creates a stunning showpiece but also offers an ever-evolving art display representing your individual taste. Wine bottles rotate through the collection with their labels — an art form unto themselves — prominently featured, like book covers in a library.

It’s essential to store wine at a consistent 55 degrees and 50% humidity to protect its provenance, and modern wine walls can offer cellar-like conditions with the addition of temperature controls and a properly sealed glass front.

The glass enclosure provides an invisible barrier between the wine collection and a living space. Glass alone isn’t effective at keeping wine cool, but wine cooling technology has advanced, and today’s smaller and more efficient systems can manage the temperature within the wine wall’s enclosed space

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  1. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Wow, this sounds fantastic 😀

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