Real Life Rants

RANT to Christmas cards. I just don’t understand why some folks only have pictures of their grandchildren on their Christmas cards. It would be great to see the whole family.

RANT to the person on the radio this morning complaining how inflation has destroyed her food budget. “Eggs used to be $2.49 a dozen, now they are over $4. Ground beef has gone up from $2.99 a pound to $4.99.” Shop around, lady. I bought ground beef last week for $1.99 a pound and eggs this morning for $1.49 a dozen. Shop sales, clip coupons and stop complaining about Hot Pockets going up to $13.99 for two dozen. Try feeding your kids something healthier (and cheaper) instead.

RANT to whomever comes into my yard at night whenever a tomato is ripe and steals it. You got my first and all subsequent ones. I hope you are proud of yourself for lacking any human decency whatsoever.

RANT to all the people behind me in the grocery store checkout line who didn’t offer to pay for my groceries when I announced that I forgot my wallet.

RANT to the group of photographers at the Seattle Japanese Garden recently. Stop taking up every inch of the koi bridge with your bodies and your gear! Other people would like to use the pathways too. Stop shooing people out of “your shot” from 100 yards away. Get a grip, this is a public garden, and your use of it is neither more important nor more worthy than the guy taking a time-lapse of the scene with his phone. Your entitlement and disregard for others was gross.

RANT to my fellow seniors who would rather gripe about tech than learn it. All four of my grandparents were born in the 1890s and saw the world go from horse and buggy to a man on the moon in their lifetimes. They all learned to drive cars, use phones and keep up with all kinds of new stuff because that is how progress works. Adapt or be left behind, folks.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the horrible people who stole my wallet at an Everett grocery store. What kind of people do that? Rave to the employee who gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and all the wonderful employees at the credit card company who were so wonderful!

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