Sex Life Transformation

Expecting Your Partner To Be A Mind Reader: Sex isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s a learned skill that has to be taught and developed. Sex is a personal and unique experience, so if you don’t share your needs in the bedroom with a partner, they won’t intrinsically know how to bring you the pleasure you crave and deserve.

Treating Sex Like A Performance: Sex isn’t a performance. It’s an intimate act that isn’t like what you see in adult films. It takes tries, gets messy, and each time won’t always be perfect like how Hollywood portrays sex. So, have fun, definitely enjoy it but don’t romanticize it.

Slut Shaming Yourself: Your sexual wants, needs, and desires are normal (which should be amongst two consenting adults). So, freely and confidently embrace your sex and sexuality; don’t let societal narratives or opinions of others have you shying away from the pleasure you seek in the bedroom.

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