Dark, Dark Wood

PDXAUG09 009 (2)

My life leaves me little time to read for pleasure- that is why I love vacation. I just read Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. The premise of the novel is a woman lured back to a past. She’s spent a decade trying to escape and the book has a few unstable characters and a shocking death. Ware is this generation’s Agatha Christi. I loved how she shares that she used to be a waitress. It is nice to know we all get to our dreams eventually.

The novel will keep you guessing and silently screaming “what the hell” and “seriously” until the last page. This book is a quick-moving and intelligent psychological thriller. I finished it on my four hour Amtrak ride and my seat mate looked at me and said “What a book? It must be intense you didn’t look out at the beautiful scenery once. I’ll have to check it out.” I handed her the book (really, who rereads a thriller?) and said “read it and pass it on, but please don’t read it in a cabin” Though you could, but that be just over the creepy meter for me since this story is set in a glass-walled cabin deep in the woods for a hen party (the U.K. equivalent of a bachelorette weekend). What are you reading this month?


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