The Gift of Wine

wine2How do you decide when the holiday season has arrived? For me it’s not the Christmas trees in Costco, the emails that fill my inbox asking for my assistance with various  Christmas parties, donations, volunteers, extensions on papers, or helping young adults develop their wish lists and profiles. Granted these things are all signs the holidays are approaching, but I know the holidays are approaching when the Grocery Outlet wine sale arrives (real life moment). I am not a wine expert. I can’t swish and taste ALL those oaks and berries (can you?), but I do know what’s a good wine for me (Malbec, Riesling, Prosecco). What do you enjoy? If you’re not sure, check out  The Magic World of Wines. Oh, how I love this sale. I buy treats for myself, gifts for coworkers and friends (the Christmas shopping has begun), and hostess gifts/ because who doesn’t need a glass after hosting a dinner for 20 (yikes!).


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3 Responses to The Gift of Wine

  1. 60while60 says:

    Your wine is affordable, ours is expensive! But I love a glass of Presecco! Cheers!

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  2. You are the second person to tell me I should shop their wine sale! The first was my friend’s father, who sold wine for a living until he retired. He says that the one closest to him calls to let him know what they have ahead of time! He told me all about how it’s the best way to get all the good wines, sometimes for 5% of their value. Way to go 🙂


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