“What’s Your Job Again?- Pages of a Career Journal”


“You continue to provide and dream a bigger dream for my life. In these say 1,383 days you have answered this prayer. I have weekly per diem shifts at _, I have worked on several ground breaking research studies, and have been published. I have grown and learned so much while incurring hours toward licensure. I think I am at 3,200 hours (thought I’ll have to check my log for sure). This work brings me joy. What does not bring me joy is telling people I still work at ___. I despised that job and how it tried to break my spirit and stamp out my joy. I know I tell people because it sounds so prestigious, though I challenge myself to figure out what that word means for me. I love youth therapy and being a research therapist. So, why can’t I own that? I have to embrace the blessings you have given me, as I am hoping for more research opportunities when this latest study wraps in October. I do eventually want go into private practice, do some consulting work, and offer clinical supervision, but are these the positions that you are grooming me for?”

Reading this, I am first in awe of how far God continues to bring me professionally. I enjoy wearing multiple hats, particularly that of a research therapist. It is much different than having a day-to-day patient caseload. As a research therapist, I help to develop the understanding of therapy, and my work impacts the functioning of the industry as a whole. Therefore, I have no fucking clue why false words tumbled out of my mouth when asked what I do. I am happy to report I’ve freed myself of that and embraced my calling as a clinical level social worker. I also have not really thought about the word prestige in some time. I am just thrilled I figured out what success means to me. I also wonder if success and prestige can be interchangeable- what do you think? What do these words mean to you?

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