Mommiles, are define as “sermons, especially intended to edify a child on everything that matters.” How many of these were said to you?


My mother taught me individuality.I don’t care how many of your friends are getting their tattoos, you’re not!”

My mother taught me patience. “We’ll leave when I say we’ll leave.”

My mother taught me weight control. “Don’t get to big for your britches!”


My mother taught me modesty. “Hands to your side- that skirt is too short, go back upstairs and change.”

My mother taught me less is more. –“Go upstairs and wipe that red lipstick, glitter eyeshadow and black eyeliner off your face.”

My mother taught me to believe in magic. “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head.”


My mother taught me the importance of staying close to family. “If you can’t take your brother with you, you’re not going.”

My mother taught me the importance of protecting things I love. “If I find that (pick one) toy/shoe/clothes in the middle of the floor just one more time, it’s going to disappear forever.”

My mother taught me the definition of infinity. “Whatever happens, I’ll always be your mother.”


Don’t let the story book look fool you. Climbing vines growing on your house can be a nightmare if they are not monitored closely. They trap in moisture which can lead to mold, mildew and rotted siding (bricks won’t rot like wood will, but the vines can creep into the cracks in the mortar or beneath windowsills). The foliage can act as a highway for rodents and insects, such as termites to get inside your roof and attic. The worst part is the foliage camouflages these problems. If you want the look above, grow your greenery on a trellis or a pergola.


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