Anatomy of a Pot


I have a secret garden, and it is the most precious space for me through spring and summer. The biggest thing that keeps my garden going is my knowing the anatomy of a beautiful pot. Following these steps will help your plants reach their potential and thrive.

Catch drainage –Pots must have a drainage hole for excess water to pass through. A pan to hold the drain water prevents staining and eventual rooting on your deck or patio.

Keep it light – In larger pots (more than 12 inches across) you may want to displace soil and decrease the overall weight. An upside down plastic pot or packing peanuts in the bottom will do the trick. In smaller pots, fill completely with soil for root growth.

Use quality soil- It’s tempting to reuse potting mix, after all it costs more money. Don’t do it. Your plants will grow healthier and have few diseases when you plant in new soil and blend in slow release fertilizer.

Top it off – Cover the surface with mulch. Not only does it decorate the pot, it keeps the plants warm and helps conserve water.

 Cleaning Used Flower Pots: How To Clean A Container


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  1. I had no idea. I’m so lucky my plant is even alive.


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