Happy Mail

We all get mail daily. The bills and the circulars never stop, but I swear nothing beats happy mail. Happy mail is that unexpected gift,  post card from a friend, a real invitation or letter, or a magazine that makes you want to hop in your hammock and just be. You get where I am going with this, right? Well, here are a few pieces that I have received lately that just made me smile.


RAVE To all the homeowners who have fragrant landscaping. The whole neighborhood smells lovely.

RAVE To everyone who takes pride in your yard, parking strip, and property edges. It’s a treat to walk past houses where someone has taken the time to trim, weed, pick up trash, and plant flowers. Let’s all spend a little more time to make our neighborhoods more appealing.

Big girl’s don’t whine! We drink wine John 2:1-11 🙂 – Love Abbyj.jpg


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