DIY Your Stationery

DIY-sign.jpg I have been toying with how to write this one for a while. I decided I’ll jump in, and my disclaimer is I believe in girl power. I even understand the quote “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” My niece pointed this post out to me over the summer and said, “Auntie, they stole your idea! (They did not I am much simpler happy mailer. I’ll explain in a moment)” I looked at the site and thought, fun. I even watched some of the 10 minute video (it seems as she was describing each card- I quickly got the point). Then my eyes zeroed in on the price tag of $17-$22 for paper goods. That’s a lot in my world for paper goods, so let me show you how to create happy mail on budget. With the holiday season upon us, I think the best gift you can give is a personal note or recipe.

  • Card stock of your choice (Michael’s always has a coupon and it’s always on sale)


  • Cut into a size you like- I prefer quarters for post card size (stamps are cheaper and they make good bookmarks)


  • Cute hole puncher


  • Rubber stamps (check out the $1 bin at Michael’s)


  • Stickers (they make great envelope sealers)


  • Envelopes (you can often get colorful ones at party supply stores)


  • Your imagination! Forget Pintrest and just do you!untitled.png
  • Total cost under $20 and you have MONTHS of paper goods. Now that’s happy mail.
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5 Responses to DIY Your Stationery

  1. This is sooooo true about the making of our own cards and notes. We send out a lot of cards and notes and the prices are going through the roof. So, we started making our own with the cover being a photo we have taken then crafting just the right personalized note. The cost…pennies the return…priceless.

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  2. I love this so much!!


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  3. jml297 says:

    Great idea – what a great source of lots of happy mail!

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