Real life Q/A

untitled.pngDo you remember when you learned to write? Do you remember your childhood dreams? I keep a photo on my desk of my childhood self and look at it often, but reading this post made me smile. It’s filled with childhood innocence and that confidence only a child can have. I found myself digging through my old journals and childhood bin. In the bottom I found an interview from the fifth grade. I saved it because, as an inner city kid, I was so fascinated that someone thought I was important enough to interview. Yes, it was a peer and a class room project, but I felt there was something amazing in this project.

Here is the interview. I have also responded with my updated answer with an asterisk

1. Q: Career goals: To be a computer programmer or writer.

*Clinical social worker- I love the multitude of hats I wear

2. Q: Place you would like to live: Chicago suburb

*Pacific Northwest

3. Q: What is your latest project: writing a story I plan to publish one day.

*bathroom remodel, my writing

4. Q: What time does your day begin? 5:40 am

*Eerie. Decades later, this is about my morning run time.

5. Q: What is the best part of your life? My brothers.

*That I am thriving.

6. Q: What is the worst part of my life? Getting into trouble.

*I’ve learned everything happens for a reason.

7. Q: Complete this sentence: I’d give everything to work with… Michael Jordan

*I don’t like the way this question is worded. Does it just seem like you’re making a pact with the devil? You should never give everything to work with someone.

8. Q: Who are your favorite performers? Eddie Murphy, T.L.C, and Michael Jordan

*Beyoncé, John Coltrane, Peter Falk, Angela Lansbury, John Ritter

9. Q: Who is your role model? Oprah Winfrey

*Anyone who believes a 100% in themselves and puts in the work to make their dreams possible

10. Q: What is your favorite film? Lean on Me

*Claudine, I think deep down that film helped me become a better social worker.

11.Q: What books would you recommend for reading? Murder mysteries, thriller

*Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt, and The Norton Anthology of African Literature

12. Q: What are your hobbies? Writing, talking on the phone, reading

*Gardening, running, writing

13. Q: What are your favorite foods? Macaroni and cheese, fried chicken

*Anything fresh

14. Q: What is your perfect weekend? To spend half with Oprah and the other half with Michael Jordan

*Reading a good book with a glass of wine, or laying on the sofa binge watching Netflix with my spouse.

15. Q: What was the most memorable moment at this school? Having fun in Mr. C’s class

* I have gone on to earn four degrees since then, but at the end of the day Mr. C helped set the foundation. His favorite saying was “Be a pupil, not a student”

16. Q: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? My height

*Nothing, I know this is the only body I am ever going to get, so I am loving it.

17. Q: What is the one thing you find disappointing about people? When they front when other people are around

*People not keeping their word and not respecting my time.

18. Q: If you have learned one thing in life, what is it? Always love yourself first

*I high five my younger self, as I still believe in that wisdom.

19. Q: Name three people from history you would like to meet. Malcom X, Martin Luther King, and Harriet Tubman.

*My paternal grandmother, Langston Hughes, and anyone from the Harlem Renaissance

20. Q: What are the words of wisdom that you live by? “Always keep your head up and don’t let your guard down”

*Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

21. Q: What is one word that describes you? Different





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5 Responses to Real life Q/A

  1. Isn’t it great to reflect of where we were and where we are? We do it regularly with laughter and joy seeing the individual growth.

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    It is wonderful to see your growth. Also there seems to be a theme of enjoying writing. Love that you saw loving your self first as so important. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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