Bathroom Deconstructed : beautiful, blessed nightmare

Did you ever stop to think about the women who have gone before you, who have been called all sorts of names, who have paved the way for you to have opportunities you have today? -Being grateful feels so good.


My sister sent me a text “I am starting on your bathroom Sunday, so get to work” I stood in my bathroom, cut on my running playlist, and went to work muttering “$900 -$1,400 demo my ass.” Here are demo tips that worked for me.

Tools: Have all tools at the ready. Nothing is worse than starting the demo and having to go get a tool. It just breaks your groove.

Templates: Take your time and cut out templates. They will be handy when you have to cut new tile for your heater vent, toilet, and sink.


Wall mirror :I thank the previous homeowners by adhering the 3 feet by three feet mirrior with brackets. It made it a breeze to remove. If your glass mirror has no visible framework holding it to the wall is actually held in place with a strong adhesive. This makes it a bit difficult to remove it from the wall and sadly I am not the best person to advise you.


Follow your gut: I googled how to remove linoleum and/or vinyl  from a vanity and it was ALWAYS demoing the whole damn vanity. I wanted to save my vanity, as it is sturdy and in great condition. So here is how to remove just the damn linoleum and/or vinyl  . With a sharp box cutter, start at one corner by cutting the glue and sealant loose. Once it’s loose, go a little deeper with a paint scraper and unfasten more of the glue then peel back. Wear safety goggles and a long sleeve shirt as laminate will pop and shred.


Trim: I seriously used the same method as I did above. The people who built our home were awesome as they marked the measurements on the wall. If your measurements are not on the wall, mark them on the back of your trim it will make it easier to remember where the pieces go.


Sink: Cut the water off first, then cut the sealant around the sink and pull it up through the sink hole and disconnect the water lines. This is way easier than getting under your sink laying on your back with a flash light.


Flooring: Locate a section of the floor with no glue underneath. Start removing  linoleum and/or vinyl  flooring right here, using a box cutter to cut the material  Pull up linoleum and/or vinyl  gently. Where you encounter resistance from the glue, use a scraper tool (or even a kitchen spatula) to get the strip loose. In places where the glue is especially tenacious, you can use a hammer-and-chisel combination to chip at the hardened adhesive.


If I missed something, or you have a questions about anything , please let me know!  

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7 Responses to Bathroom Deconstructed : beautiful, blessed nightmare

  1. Well done. Could you now come and deal with the awful and dangerous mess of a shower room put in by the Local Authority for my 94 year old Mum? 🙂

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  2. You are definitely like remodeling superwoman


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  3. Jenn says:

    So satisfying when you do a task like this by yourself, great work!

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