Designing a Bathroom on a Budget

Does owning a mirror 3 feet by 3 feet make you vain ?!?!


Standing in Urban Outfitter I called Abby, “How much is too much for a mirror?”

She laughed and said, “You’re spiraling, and if you called me you know it’s too much- but send me a photo.”

I sent her the photo and she texted back “Maybe, but I know you could furnish your whole space for that.” Challenge accepted.

Paint: With the room empty I decided to paint half the walls a soothing grey (Valspar Frappe 6003-1B) $21.88 upgrade 


Mirror: I  need a new one my 3×3 foot mirror was to large for the space. Unable to make up my mind I bought several (please ask  the cashier about the store return policy and save your receipts) and called my sister to make the decision. That woman’s got an eye like Candice Olson and Joanna Gains. upgrade  $30.64


Shelving: I comb the Ikea as-is department and created these shelves the first week we bought our home. I love the concept, but never was in love with the cheap particle board or plain Jane brackets. I found these cute ones with just enough frill.  upgrade$20.66


Toilet: my spouse bought it as a surprise. I REALLY wanted to write a snarky post just about this lovely   Dual Flush Toilet . I, however, have learned never to look a gift horse in the mouth. It also reinforces why I love my spouse. He is Mr. Practical and handy installing new toilets, brackets, sinks, hooks for my robe and pj’s and art work. The love is in the details.


Artwork: If you follow my blog  you know my spirit animal is the monkey and you know I am a lover of newsprint. So, needless to say, this piece spoke to me and this Ikea frame screamed glamour. upgrade $24.08


Luxuries: It is no secret Abby and I visit Street of Dreams every year. Three years ago I snagged this spa boutique idea ( Adorn Glass Hurricanes ) for soaps, loafs, and bath bombs.  Year  after that was  the Sonia Drum Stool, but this year it was this gold mirrored tray (it also comes as a cute  butler table). I also believe a bath can not be complete without a good candle  or amazing soap


Totally $109.74 If I missed something, or you have a questions about anything , please let me know!  

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