White Diamond Herring Mosaic tile in the Bath


PSA I am a clinical social worker! I am not a contractor. This week’s post will not be a play by play of how to demo a bathroom or install tile, but more of an encouraging week of post to say if you’re getting ready to take on a major DIY , I am cheering you on. “You can do this!”

This is my story:

I moved the hamper by the tub and realized we had a mild water leak. This leak had started to peel back the 15 year old linoleum I sighed, pulled it together, and contacted a few companies to replace the floor.

Yes, this is where the beautiful blessed nightmare began. I requested six quotes and four returned my call. The first guy was booked until 2017. Second guy came out to my home and said he would give me a quote in 10 days (seriously!), and I NEVER got the quote (yes we changed the alarm code). Guy number three was referred by the amazing company who installed our hardwood floors. He came out and only dealt with my spouse (that’s how they do it in his country… what the fuck?). I, however, allowed my spouse to hear him out (don’t judge me, I was desperate) until he said, “I’ll install beautiful floors on top of your vinyl.” Apparently he didn’t understand the leak. I was happy to show him to the door. The fourth guy was from the company who installed our beautiful counters this summer. Their price was more than my granite counter top (how is that possible?); and, yes, they tried to sell me on an undermount sink. Pissed off and annoyed, I laced up my tennis shoes and went for a run. Five miles later I had my ah ha moment “I am my father’s child for God’s sake. I repair dishwashers, use every power tool that we own, tore down furniture, and built it back up. For Pete’s sake, I tore down a damn brick water fountain this summer. I could do this!”

I showered and drove to my favorite tile store and bought beautiful  white diamond herring mosaic tile. Next, I called my big sister. I seriously cannot describe this woman’s skill set. I may be my father’s child, but she is our father reincarnated. She came over; looked at my bathroom, at my tile choices, and then the quotes and said, “Are they fucking kidding me? WE can do this!”


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