Can you get a job if you are under 16?

“Sonic CEO Cliff Hudson said he delivered newspapers from ages 11 to 13 but stopped after being hit by a car. He then worked on a construction site for his father’s company.

Tasked with cleaning bathrooms, Hudson was unenthusiastic. His superintendent decided to motivate him by changing how he was compensated. Instead of being paid hourly, he would receive a set amount each time he cleaned something — a urinal or a sink.

“Quite suddenly, I could see the connection between my output and my compensation, and it really got me going,” Hudson says.

Hudson concedes that if his father hadn’t owned the company, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the job in the first place — or, if he had, he would have lost it after his lackluster start.”–Candice Choi



I came across this article First jobs  and it reminded me of a post I wrote last year titled Summer Job. I however, I still loved this article “Can you get a job if you are under 16?” as it has some great highlight for kids and families to be aware of.  I also found some shockers on the list .What was your first job?

Prohibited duties for minors under 16

  • Driving an automobile
  • House-to-house sales
  • Cooking and baking
  • Operating or cleaning meat slicers
  • Operating food processors.
  • Any power-driven machinery
  • Processing operations
  • Public messenger
  • Amusement parks
  • Loading or unloading trucks
  • Transportation, warehouse, storage and work around conveyors
  • Ladders and scaffolds, including window washing
  • Maintenance and repair in gas stations
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4 Responses to Can you get a job if you are under 16?

  1. @vapor_sage says:

    My first job was moving irrigation sprinkler pipe on an olive orchard, which did include operating farm machinery.

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    • msw blog says:

      Did they pay you in olives 😉. I see a lot of young people operating machinery and doing a lot of things on the no list in their summer jobs. Which, leaves me curious of who created the no list.

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  2. Mine was answering the phone.

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