Will Work for…


Graduation season is upon us again. Walking across campus, I see young people with a little extra pep in their step. They are wide eyed and hopeful, ready to have their lives back and to make money. I was lucky enough to recently have a lunch with a dozen or so college grads. There was plenty of talk of the dream job. I chimed in and asked “What would you work for, besides a bigger salary?”

They all looked at me and I retorted, “I am serious. Think of this as your final. What would you do? What else would you work for?”

The ideas came pouring out: from a private jet, a clothing allowance, taking one’s dog to work, telecommuting, flexibility, gourmet food. After 15 minutes, not one of them said loan forgiveness. I shared this article Student Debt -Repayment the latest repayment benefit and this article Get creative with employee benefits to compete with the big dogs with them and said, “It’s time to be thinking like adults about this. Uncle Sam has given you money, now he is coming back hard with interest. Whatever you make, he is going to want his cut.”

A young man joked, “It had better be a lot, I owe like $50,000.” I looked at him and said, “When you go looking for employment, keep that at the forefront.”

Reflecting on my life now, I have learned the biggest opportunity for me is flexibility: working from home and working multiple jobs that I love. I recall penning in my journal on one occasion (this is one of many entries over my career on this subject)

 “I am in the final running for the position. I will find out the details tomorrow. I am excited yet a little nervous. I love my current position and wonder if they will allow me to go per diem? I truly do enjoy the work but I worry about the security of the company…I just turned down or shall I say walked away from a position that pays $73,000 a year (surprisingly, I am calm about this). They wouldn’t accommodate my one day off a month request and I wonder if they can’t accommodate that, what else can’t they accommodate? I also feel like the pettiness may lead to being micro managed. I simply can’t work in an environment where one in micro managed. Therefore, I passed on this opportunity (I know you have something wonderful in store for me). It makes me even more thankful for my current position and lifestyle. Thank you and I counted it all on joy.”



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  1. There was a time when money wasn’t everything

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  2. I say live within whatever your means are and if you can try to balance your happiness level at work with your paycheck – then your doing alright

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