The Woman in Cabin 10


I recently learned that Ruth Ware has not one, but two new books out. I love her (you can read my review of her last book here). I whipped out my library card and put myself on the list for The Woman in Cabin 10. When it arrived, I made myself some iced tea and climbed into my cozy hammock, ready to be deported to wherever it would take me. The novel kicks off with a scary bang, then something odd happened- the protagonist got annoying (I just couldn’t finish this read. I stopped shortly after the “murder”). The protagonist whines, drinks heavily, and mixes it with anti-depressants. She is a confused woman. She repeats herself often, giving the reader no credit and a headache. I wanted this woman to do one or two things- get some crisis therapy, realize she has PTSD, or put on her big girl pants and power through. I often find people can power through with a good play list. Have you read this? What’s your power through song?

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6 Responses to The Woman in Cabin 10

  1. I haven’t read this book yet, but I’m seeing quite some mixed reviews on it. Makes me both wary and curious to find out what I would think after reading it.. One of those books that I won’t buy, but more likely borrow from the library.

    And any Papa Roach-song is a power through song for me, haha.

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  2. Gosh, hard to say a power thru song as it depends on what I’m using it for but maybe a Prince song.

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  3. annelogan17 says:

    haha you aren’t the first one to have disliked this protagonist!

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