What the hell is BPLCT?


Sitting on the patio enjoying a quiet evening with my nieces, I asked the girls if they were hungry. In the way of our family they replied, “We can eat?” They were following me into the kitchen and I remembered we had a half a pear left  and asked if they wanted a BPLCT. Their faces clearly said, “What the hell is that?”, but what came out was “Um, I guess.”

I asked my youngest niece to take out the pear. She pulled it out and asked “Why isn’t it brown?”

I replied, “I rubbed it with lemon juice to keep it from oxidizing.” Her face looked at me in confusion and I smiled and told her to look it up. She pulled out her phone and I sighed and wondered what happened to the days before the internet when you had to grab a dictionary to look up words? Though I digress here’s to lunch. Bon Appetit

  • Slices of bread (my house is the whole grain type)
  • Bacon (three slices per sandwich)
  • Cheddar cheese (two slices pair sandwich)
  • 1 Pear thinly sliced (three slices per sandwich)
  • 1 tomatoes (four slices per sandwich)
  • Fresh basil leaves (three to four leaves per sandwich)
  • Lettuce (two slices per sandwich)
  • Mayo
  • Chipotle mustard

Directions: Assemble in a fashion that makes you happy, my intention was to grill these into melts but my niece was on bread duty and decided to toast them. I am glad she did, it is a little less work and still an amazing Bacon, Pear, Lettuce, Cheddar, Tomato sandwich.



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12 Responses to What the hell is BPLCT?

  1. Pure Glory says:

    An unsual combination that looks delicious! I’m sure your nieces loved it! 🙂

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  2. Sound like a great idea minus the mayo n sauce as I am picky of that 🙂 I would not have thought of pear but sounds yum!

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  3. reviewsbyjc says:

    Never thought of putting slices of pear on a sandwich, going to try this out.

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  4. Kally says:

    Wow! That’s so clever!

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