Mixed Greens Meet Fruit

Real Life of an MSW


The main ingredient was a dollar- when the last time you had a healthy meal for $1? Tonight I decided to go with mixed greens from tart to almost sweet, from crunchy to melting. You want them all in this salad. This salad can be made a million ways. Therefore, whatever you can find in the market will make it all the better. I would love to hear your version of fruit salad.

Wash and thoroughly dry the greens. Cut melon and peaches into chunks and chiffon mint. Toss ingredients with mixed greens and goat cheese, and drizzle with honey and fig vinegar. I added some tarragon  chicken to make it a full…

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4 Responses to Mixed Greens Meet Fruit

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    I savor my farmers market salads, tossing together fresh, seasonal raw food. After my last market shopping, I made a big salad with mixed greens, blueberries, chopped peaches, red onion and hummus. So satisfying.

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  2. We have a yellow ticket system, where supermarkets sell items of cheaply. Our daughter is the champ. She’ll often make a meal for £1

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