What the hell is a Diaper Bank?

Real Life of an MSW


“Don’t complain unless you are willing to do something about it” – dad

I recently read an article about diaper banks, and quickly found myself standing in my local Costco’s diaper aisle. My clinical social worker side had immediately kicked in, wanting to help. My human instinct kicked in with rage and wonder as to how any child in America could go without diapers. This was Maslow’s basic need!

As I pushed my cart up down the aisle, I faltered (real life moments) when I quickly learned $39 was the cheapest box. How could a box of diapers be more than my recent heat bill of $34.79? I admit it was a financial sting, but I quickly did the math. A box of 120 diapers came to 33 cents a diaper. One box can help supplement four families for a month by giving them each 40 diapers, or it…

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