DIY dining room chair to office chair

Real Life of an MSW

I have had my office chair for a few decades. It was most likely my first “real piece” of adult furniture (what was yours?) that I found at Value Village for I am sure under $5. I remember it being the only one there, as the rest of the dining rooms chairs had probably all been sold to others who just need one chair.

I had grand vision for my chair- a beautiful new paint job, a new cushion, and a little back pillow. Well, did I mention I was an undergraduate with a full course load and I worked full time, and had an internship? Upholstery was going have to wait. The most I did was to add a new fabric, as the original one was tatty.

 Last summer I realized I was at the half way mark in my saving for new wooden floors in our home…

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4 Responses to DIY dining room chair to office chair

  1. juliehcares says:

    You did a great job!!!

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  2. Very creative! Great work!

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