What is a freeloader person?

Real Life of an MSW

I coach a team (that my child is on) and help to organize team necessities, including team payments.

Last year, a child on our team lost a parent and grandparent in quick succession. The family was understandably heartbroken and in a bind financially.

The coaches all decided to forgo the child’s team expenses for the year (everyone else was charged more). We figured that it was the right thing to do.

This is a competitive travel team, and the child made the team again this year. The parent said nothing about not being able to afford the team fees. After a few months of nonpayment, I contacted the parent.

The parent reminded me of their loss, and said that they should not pay because they hadn’t paid last year. I said that last year was different because the child was already on the team. I said the parent had had…

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  1. Having commented on this one, and the link you offered me last time, the only thing I can think to add is hopefully more amusing: (only a small part is relevant so I won’t mind if you skip it 🙂 )

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