Showers , Bath and Beauty Products


Over the summer, sitting on the beach in a tropical paradise with Abby reading one of my favorite magazines (Entrepreneur), I discovered Shop Miss A. As the two of us sipped tropical drinks and scrolled through the website, we were skeptical of the amazing cheap prices. Please don’t be skeptical- my order arrived intact ( full disclosure my second order did take two weeks to arrive.) The bath bombs are amazing and did not turn my tub a different hue. They also leave my bathroom with a light pleasant scent, as I have displayed them in a glass hurricane. This led us to ask each other “What beauty or bath product do you gladly splurge on?”

I knew if could only have one product, it would be good quality soap (in my world this is a beauty product. I am not big on makeup and I like my skin hydrated). My love of soap comes out the dark days of my childhood. One of many poignant journal entries: “Nobody was home, taking a shower. Who wants to share dirty water out that jar that’s so nasty? Soon as I cut the water on she busted in (biological grandmother) screaming ‘I know your little ass isn’t in here taking a shower running up my water bill? We don’t shower we take wash-ups’ She pushed the dirty jar of water at me dipped in a towel and rubbed it with a bar of soap and thrust it in my face. ‘Here wash-up and if you need to rinse that towel dip in there and don’t you dare cut my damn water back on unless you want an ass whooping.’ Ugh I hate that crazy woman.” Entries like that have clearly shed light on why I love showers and bath and beauty products. What beauty product do you gladly splurge on? How did you come to love them? Do you have a favorite bath, body, or cosmetic store I should be checking out? Have you tried Shop Miss A?





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4 Responses to Showers , Bath and Beauty Products

  1. tranquilliteboutique says:

    I would love to have you try some of our bath bombs!!! Taking a show/bath is what I call my “ME” time! When (hopefully) all is quiet in your world and you can relax! Tranquillite Boutique provides this for me!!! Please email me if your interested

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  2. I love a good bath bomb in the tub after a stressful day at work! My new craze are the sinus relief bath bombs which admittedly I need after a glass of wine… anyhoo, thanks for the post 😊

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