Disruptive Employees & Weak Leadership

As a manager, I don’t know how to handle three staff members who have no respect for authority. These young women feel entitled to speak their mind, use profanity and tell their superiors what to do. They apparently believe they know more than anyone, especially me.I’m pleased that these three work well together, but it feels as though they constantly gang up on me. Others have noticed their defiance and commented on it. How should I deal with this?-Help


My first thought is this boss is younger than her employees. I love the advice Marie McIntre gives “Look for helpful role models. Identify respected managers who would never tolerate this behavior, and then try to follow their example. Even better, find a mentor who can help you practice taking a stand with these young upstarts. Some people only respect authority when that authority is clearly demonstrated.” I would also advise this boss to take in the office milieu, as these women have no problem using profanity in the work place (is that the norm?). “Telling her what to do?” (Is that the culture’s way of providing feedback?) What advice would you provide this boss? I am also curious if you think this boss is a male or female, and does that make a difference?

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3 Responses to Disruptive Employees & Weak Leadership

  1. They need disciplining

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  2. @vapor_sage says:

    I would take responsibility and let them know that I made an error thinking that they would be better than they are being. I would offer them an opportunity to develop a plan of their own to improve and that if that is not effective I would devise one of my own and clear expectations and consequences established. I can’t tell male or female but it shouldn’t matter

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