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Interviewed with _____ for an on-call program coordinator position. They gave me the following scenario question: “You smell marijuana, you have a client at your elbow trying to look at the confidential sign in book, and you have two clients escalating into a fight. How do you handle this situation?” I replied that I would put my hand on the bar book and inform the client to respect the confidentiality of others, make an announcement that marijuana was not allowed in the shelter (with the hope that a volunteer would seek this individual out), and I would walk toward the fight with the book in my hand to help deescalate fight.

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Reading this scenario now, I smile, and laugh at my answer because it shows that I am aware that many shelters are short staffed and run on volunteers, and I was trying to be a one-woman army. That is not the way any organization should run.  Looking back, I should have asked “How many individuals are staffed per shift” How would you have answered the scenario  question ?

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