The Fits: Movie Review


I was compelled to watch “The Fits” after I found a well written review in my purging basket from Elle Magazine. The review read “Shortly after Toni joins a step-dancing drill team at a rec center in Cincinnati’s gritty west end, her teammates start having convulsion episodes. Are these due to tainted water? A psychosomatic group delusion? The wary Toni finds herself both repelled by and drawn into the mysterious going on.”

Warning– if that just read like a horror film, this film is not one- at least in the typical sense. This film is slooooow going, and I almost turned it off more than once (despite it only being 71 minutes). I also felt many different types of emotions watching it. I felt confused, intrigued, shocked, and cheated. The main character, Toni, played by Royalty Hightower; is beyond brilliant throughout the movie with her many different facial expressions, actions, and sometimes lack of actions. When I finished watching the movie, I was left incredibly confused and thinking “What the hell just happened?” I was also asking the question “Would the outcome be different if these were not low income African American females?”. I would not watch this film again. It’s just way too slow and leaves you with too many unanswered questions. Sadly, I still encourage you to watch it (I found it on Amazon), because I want to see how you would react and feel, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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