Community Health

Instructors evaluation “______ made good use of input/feedback from our staff and volunteers during their survey. It was a challenge to get the team to respond to the survey and sadly ______, learned that a lack of participation may affect the outcomes/results of the survey. Fortunately, the patients were willingly to give feedback and enjoyed the opportunity to do so. ______, did a great job with the development of the tools , seeking assistance and guidance when appropriate, and was able to report on her findings in our monthly newsletter in an informative entertaining way. As a result of the survey we have learned a lot about what we are doing well, what we could improve upon, and how our patients feel about the service we provide.



Many  companies are stuck in their ways. I remember during graduate school a doctor at the clinic I interned at said to me, “You are unburdened by the way things have always been done. You can see things that others miss, and sometimes shake things up.” That advice has stuck with me. I had totally forgotten that I developed a questionnaire for providers; though after reading this evaluation. I recall meeting with the board and explaining to them that they should know and understand what was covered and what wasn’t covered by insurance. The reason being that youth and young adults would not get stuck with a bill and ruin their credit history. I also wanted to raise awareness so that the grant writers could be thinking and adding an addendum to their charity care grants. Most importantly, I wanted those in the “penthouse suite” to know what those in the “streets” were dealing with. I am a firm believer that one cannot provide adequate services if they are disconnected from reality.




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