Trap for Prying Eyes

I’m pretty sure my employer is spying on me by reading my work email, because I’m highly valuable. I am thinking about writing a resignation letter, postdated a couple months from now, signing and scanning it, and emailing it to myself at my work address. I’m pretty sure the employer will see and read it. Should I? ANONYMOUS

This question made me giggle out loud, and Rob Walker took the words right of my mouth “Private sector employees should have no particular expectation of privacy for their work-related email accounts. That said, if you’re planning to part with your employer no matter what, this may work out to be a theatrically entertaining means to that end. It may also turn this employer into a much less enthusiastic reference later.”

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2 Responses to Trap for Prying Eyes

    • msw blog says:

      Thank you this individuals question/suggestions just spoke unbelievable entitlement, and immaturity. I hope they benefitted from the real world advice.Thank you for reading.


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