Tiny Mailbox: Act of Kindness


The title Tiny Mailbox made me think of a text I recently received from my aunt, and  a good friend there thoughtful replies to some happy mail I had sent them. When is the last time you sent a care package, a real birthday card, or invitation? Or received one? One of my favorite bloggers, JulieHCares, is encouraging all her readers to send her a post card. I love this idea. I happily sent her a post card of one of my favorite artists, along with a coupon for an upscale Lingerie boutique we both frequent (after she mentioned she loves them as well). My goal was simply to make her smile and encourage her to treat herself to something nice with the coupon. The Tiny Mailbox project has similar goals. The way it operates is to leave a few blank cards inside a tiny mailbox, and to leave a note with something uplifting. Some of the notes say such things as “You light up the room when you walk in” and “People love having you around”. If you came across one of these miniature mailboxes, would you participate? Would you be bold enough  to create your own miniature mailbox in your community? I am truly thinking about making a trip to Michaels and creating one of these in my neighborhood. It will be a neon hue; one side would read #socialexperimentmyzipcode and on the other side #kindness box.


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