Diversity & Inclusion



Any words of wisdom for black women wanting to work in the fashion business? Do your research and respect the process -that’s true for any business you’re looking to go into. The dream job isn’t going to be the first opportunity. You’ have be knowledgeable, competitive and prepared to showcase your craft. This means building your portfolio and resume through internships, continuing education, conference and books.

What do you enjoy most about working for H &M in your current role? I collaborate with various departments at H&M (locally and globally), which I love as well as meet new people. It allows me to learn from others, provide a different perspective, hear their stores and celebrate when we see the fruits of our labor. And of course, working in fashion.

What do you wish you’d known before working in the fashion and retail space? It is fast and every evolving. You really have to stay ahead of the game and stay sharp. Also, there are so many opinions and perspectives. I knew this, but it is definitely heighted by our customer and employees being from all over the world. You have to take those e differences into consideration when you are making decisions. -Ezinne Kwubiri

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