What to ask before you buy ?

Coming across the article: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything by Beth Kleiner was a serendipity moment, as many individuals are trying to get a hold of their budget coming out of the trifecta of holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas). You may enjoy this post and this post on topic. I have also complied a list of questions one should ask themselves before making a purchase.

Can I afford this?

  • Have I covered my basic monthly expenses?
  • Are my credit cards paid off?
  • Do I have the cash?
  • Is it within my clothing budget?
  • Is the price tag reasonable – I like to guess a price of an item, and if it’s the price or lower I consider buying it?
  • Am I getting the best price? Comparison shopping is key
  • Will you still want it tomorrow?

Is it Worth it?

  • Do I need it? – I keep a list of items I truly need in my wallet,
  • Am I being honest with myself- don’t talk your self into a bad purchase?
  • Is the timing, right? I hardly every buy anything straight away
  • Does it suit your body? Online shopping is great, but I believe in trying stuff on. I want to make sure it flatters my shape “if an item you try on is not hiding your defects and showing your assets, take it off.
  • Is it comfortable- Reject anything that inches, pinches or you must tug on?
  • Is it low maintenance- Watch out for wrinkle prone fabric, dry clean only, hand wash. check the label for care instructions, dry cleaning bills can add hundreds of dollars to the cost.
  • Does it have staying  power? See if you can see it looking chic in 10 years or more
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5 Responses to What to ask before you buy ?

  1. Sound questions with which to combat impulses

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  2. adguru101 says:

    Good reminders. There are benefits to online shopping for clothing, though: You can try things on at home without sales pressure, and see how an item works with the rest of your wardrobe. I do limit this to stores with free returns and a long return window so I can be absolutely sure I love/need the item in question.

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