End-of-life Documents

Not to be doom and gloom, but you need a will and other end-of-life documents. “People don’t like thinking about death,” says Orman, who developed the Must-Have Documents program ($63; suzeorman.com/realsimple) with her estate attorney. “Everyone assumes they only need a will, but that just says where your assets will go when you die,” she points out. You also need a revocable trust with an incapacity clause (which appoints someone to handle certain assets for you if you’re unable); an advance directive (which states what medical care you want in an emergency); a durable power of attorney for health care (which names a trusted person to make medical decisions for you); and a durable financial power of attorney (which names someone to make financial decisions for you). Once you have these documents in place, hold a family meeting to inform loved ones of your plans.


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3 Responses to End-of-life Documents

  1. adguru101 says:

    Good reminders!

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  2. Yes, it’s a good reminder. Thank you


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