Food Photography

Getting the best shot use these pro tricks to make your food photos even more shareable.

  1. Make the perfect plate fan out your turkey slices and surround them with colorful vegetables and sides
  2. Create a scene. Don’t be afraid of a little messiness: a crumpled napkin a wine cork and a few crumbs add life to a shot
  3. Use natural light don’t be afraid to move food around a space to get the best light, such as near a window.
  4. Add some action try to catch a moment, like pulling the turkey out of the oven, tossing salad or carving the bird at the table.
  5. Show your hands. Put that bright colored manicure to use
  6. Play the angels consider whether a dish is prettier shot directly overhead or from the side
  7. Use the right props a colorful napkin or shiny knife can add a lot to a photo
  8. Get the tight shot simple and up close – for that gooey, gooey, yum factor
  9. Pick good surfaces what’s under the plate matters, while marble, wood and fabric are great, you’re concreate patio could be even better
  10. Keep it raw cooked food isn’t always pretty consider a prep shot
  11. Show multiples one slice of cake can be pretty but a shot of several makes more of a statement
  12. Finesse with filters

Processed with MOLDIV

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  1. thank you, very useful for me 🙂

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