If I Were President…

File:Seal of the Executive Office of the President of the United States  2014.svg - Wikimedia Commons

“I would stop talking about red states and blue states and start talking about the United States. I would do what they do in church. Turn to the person next to you and say, ‘Peace be with you,’ and remember that whatever fight we’re in, whatever challenge we are in, if we’re going to win it, we’ve got to be in it together.” -Peter Gallagher

I would just put a giant freeze on everything: rent, mortgage, tax, nobody pays anything for these months. There’s no way people are going to be able to catch up. So I would just say, ‘Hey, money’s an abstract concept that we basically created, so let’s just, for a second, do a freeze. Just do a gimme. Everybody just help each other out until we’re through this, and then we’ll start up again.’” -Nathan Fillion

“I would dance. I love dancing! I would dance 14 times a day. Everybody else would too. They’d all be happy and strong. I would write stories too. I’d write stories about happy things about my family. I’d have parties in the White House to celebrate Chinese New Year with a big Chinese dragon and some red lanterns hanging up.” -Parker Curry

If I were president, teachers would not have to make an Amazon wish list for their classroom because all materials for high-quality instruction would be supplied.” -Caroline Olson

“I would unhook health insurance from employment. As a self-employed person, I’d have to gross $40,000 a year to pay for my health insurance without the Affordable Care Act. We need health care coverage that encourages people to be self-sufficient and not tied to jobs they may not like or that may go away. Second, I would unhook regional tax dollars from the school systems, because the way it works now, higher-income neighborhoods feed better schools. Kids in lower-income neighborhoods have fewer resources in school. If education is the great equalizer, where’s the equality? These two things could disrupt our country in a very good way and enable more independence and wealth-building.” -Theresa Wells Stifel

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5 Responses to If I Were President…

  1. Vinny says:

    I know this is a stupid question but what is MSW?

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  2. adguru101 says:

    All great ideas. Could we also put an end to wall-to-wall media coverage of everything unless there’s a minute-by-minute need to know, such as a local weather crisis? 🙂

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