The C.A.R. Technique: Your Secret Interviewing Weapon

“Your resume is not your obituary; it’s an advertisement,” “Put your skills at the top and stick to the last 10 years.” Include a relatively recent CAR story. That stands for a situation that lays out “your challenge, your action and the result you achieved, ideally a challenge that addresses a problem your prospective employer might face. “You need to customize your resume for whatever jobs you apply for and be very shrewd,” she said. “You need to pick a handful of employers where you really want to work, do all the research you can on the company and be very specific about using the words they use in the job description on your resume.” Don’t focus on achievements from 20 years ago. If you must include any truly stellar moments from years gone by, do it in a brief paragraph at the end.- Jeanette Marantos

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